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Service Shops in Central IL

Koenig Body & Equipment, Inc. offers four different service shops:truck equipment services Ottawa, IL

  1. Main build and repair shop
  2. Cylinder repair shop
  3. Small plow install shop
  4. Paint shop

The newest—and largest—addition houses 12 bays and is fully air-conditioned. Each bay contains the latest tools and equipment to get the job done right. All work is overseen by our ASE Certified Technicians.

With all the latest equipment, expertise, and experience we have to offer, we are confident that our shop personnel are the best available.

Whether you are getting a new truck built or maintaining your current equipment, when you bring your vehicle to us you are in the best hands in the country. No matter what brand, make, or model, we can take care of it!

To learn more about our service shops and the services we offer, contact us or head back to the home page to view the variety of products we provide.


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